Kari Carroll LPC, LMFT


I learned from a young age to keenly observe and learn about my surroundings. This was not entirely by choice. I’m fortunate that I can put these skills to use and help people like you, but also to know I can choose to let go and take a rest, indulging in my own inner joy and compass. Life offers balance in this way. I have experienced grief and loss, divorce and disappointment, status and success, rebuilding and regrowth, newness and change. At each turning point life did not begin or end, as I had seriously anticipated, but there in the unknown lay a mechanism for a greater knowing. I want to help you find your own balance so that you can grow beyond familiar, complex restraints, and look up to see the radiant, confident light of your own horizon. In your own time. In your own way. First you must believe you are deserving of this, and not alone, and bravely jump into the warm ocean of change.

I work as an experiential guide, and integrate a blend of evidence-based western research on attachment theory, physiology of trauma and relationship science; and eastern foci of compassion, mindfulness and consciousness. Originally working solely as a couples therapist for many years, I experienced that many people are caught in loops of relationship dynamics stemming from earlier survival patterns. I found that long term change often requires not just healthy communication skills, but also working through unresolved core traumas and stepping out of unserved patterns for clear seeing and brave cultivation of deserved and satisfying relationships. Trained in both couples therapy methods and trauma/ attachment work, I am uniquely and purposely qualified to create a safe space for individuals to heal more deeply and make empowering choices through a lens of relationship.


-Brainspotting (a gentler offshoot of EMDR) for powerful neurophysiological healing of trauma memories through eye focusing; completion may 2019
-Mindful self-compassion by kristin neff & chris germer
-DEEP (dynamic enriched experiential psychotherapy) based on AEDP for healing trauma through attachment; completion may 2019
-Extensive supervision by pilar hernandez-wolfe, phd using emotion-focused couples therapy
-Gottman method couples therapy levels I & II; leader training
-Crisis walk-in clinic for high risk mental health
-Master’s of science in counseling psychology: couple, family and individual psychotherapy
-Research labs in psychoneuroendocrinology (stress hormones) and social psychology

Things that keep me nourished are yoga, rock climbing, high altitudes, poetry, international travel, cultural criticism, down tempo electronica, being brave and taking risks, mutually beneficial relationships, art, dancing, community, self-compassion, vulnerability and laughter.